A customer sitting at a table with a mug and pastry handing the waiter the check with a Visa card.

Protected at every turn

From online shopping to in-store purchases, Visa offers comprehensive support to ensure the security of your transactions.

Security + support

Designed to help you keep your transactions and personal information safe.

Protect sensitive information

Take proactive steps to ensure that your information isn't used fraudulently, online or off.
Illustration of a padlock with a keyhole in the middle.

Fight phishing

Never reveal sensitive numbers or passwords for unsolicited requests.
Illustration of a plane.

Travel smart, travel safe

Let your card issuer know you’ll be traveling before you go.

Stay safe online

Don't respond to or click links inside of suspicious emails.

How you're protected

Visa offers you multiple layers of protection for everyday transactions.
A woman using a laptop sitting closely to a man.
A close-up of a hand holding a Visa card.
A hand holding a Visa card over a contactless POS system.

Detect problems

How Visa monitors potential fraud.
A restaurant table with plates of food and drinks showing a Visa card on top of a check.
A rear shot of a woman walking on a boardwalk carrying a purse and shopping bags.
A woman sitting in a cafe holding a cup in right hand and viewing a mobile phone held in her left hand.

Resolve issues

You're covered in the event your card information is used to commit fraud. Visa helps you regain control of your account and safeguard it for future use.
A woman kneeling in a furniture store looking at the price tag of a loveseat.

Things to know if you experience 
unauthorized transactions

Follow these tips.

Get the facts

Report lost or stolen cards

Call 1-800-847-2911 to get immediate assistance, 24/7

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